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Florida Vacation Connection UPDATE – October 1, 2022

Good afternoon All!

Another day passes and with each day, we get closer to ‘normal.’

Some of you might have seen the image on a Facebook posting of the damage in front of our building.  Thank you for those calls of concern.  Please note that FVC sustained absolutely no damage to our offices.  The debris is unfortunately from a roof of a trailer a few doors down. The first image is from yesterday, while the 2nd image shows ‘almost normal’ today.

The sun is shining.  People are heading back to the beach.  Much clean up is still going on.  There are still areas of the island that do not have power.  Many homes and condo complexes on the northern part of the island are still without power.  Our offices did have power return late yesterday afternoon.  So we are back to business as usual.  We are still without internet service which also means that our phones are down since we use VoIP technology.  One can still reach us on our main number of 941-387-9709.

Some of you have already been contacted by an FVC Team Member as to any reports of damage to your property.  If you have not received communication, there is no cause for concern.

So far, all Inn on the Beach units are good!  All Beachplace condos are good.  All properties on St. Armands and Lido Key are good.

The FVC team is slowing working its way through the island of Longboat Key.  This is taking a little longer given the volume of properties and available manpower.

We kindly ask that for those owners who have had their properties blocked for an owner stay or owner usage or scheduled to arrive today and this week, to please let me know directly if you have returned or are still planning on returning so that we may utilize our resources as efficiently as possible.  For those who have already communicated with me directly, thank you.

There have been a handful of cancellations or delays of arrival due to the situation.  FVC is now working with the Chamber as well as other outlets of information to let them know that we are open for business in an effort to try assist those who might have had property damage and in need of houseing or have had their holiday disrupted or canceled.  Thank you to those owners who have already responded in this time of need.  We greatly appreciate your consideration to assist others.  Most of the guests who have stays extending in to October and beyond have returned to enjoy the balance of their holiday so that is great news.

Florida Vacation Connection will continue to reach out to each and every owner as we get through their properties with an update.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake this process.

A reminder that if you or a family member or guest is in residence or arriving shortly, please remember there is a ‘BOIL WATER’ advisement still in place.

As always, we thank you for your partnership.


Thank you.

Jeff Merckle

Rental Manager

cell:  941-780-2913